Cibodas Botanical Gardens of Cianjur

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Kebun Raya Cibodas (KRC or the Cibodas Botanical Gardens) is a 125-hectares botanical garden located approximately 1,300-1,425 meters on the slopes of Mount Gede, 23 kilometers to the northwest of the township of Cianjur. The gardens are in the Cibodas subdistrict of West Java, Indonesia, around 100 kilometers from Jakarta. They were founded in 1862 by the Dutch botanist Johannes Elias Teysjmann as an extension of the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

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The gardens are the first place that Cinchona trees were grown in Indonesia for quinine production. A few years after Cinchona trees were planted in the gardens, some of the plants had to be transferred to another more suitable place. Plants which are exotic plants to Indonesia, such as Eucalyptus from Australia, Conifers from Europe and others have been planted in the area so there is now a wide collection from various parts of the world in the Cibodas Gardens.. Recently, a rose collection has also been in the process of development.

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The gardens have a collection of almost 6,000 specimens, representing over 1,200 species, and a glasshouse collection of over 4,000 specimens,including 350 species of cacti and succulents and 360 species of orchids.


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