Gunung Padang Megalithic Site


Gunung Padang is a megalithic site located in Karyamukti village, Cianjur regency, West Java Province of Indonesia, 50 km south-west of the city of Cianjur or 6 kilometers from Lampegan station. It is the largest megalithic site in South-Eastern Asia.

The existence of the site is mentioned in Rapporten van de Oudheidkundige Dienst (ROD, “Report of the Department of Antiquities”) in 1914. The Dutch historian N. J. Krom also mentioned it in 1949. Employees of National Archeology Research Centre visited the site in 1979 for a study of archaeology, history and geology.

Gunung Padang –

Located at 885 metres above see level, the site covers a hill in a series of terraces bordered by retaining walls of stone that are accessed by successive steps (about 400 andesit steps = 95 metres). It is covered with massive rectangular stones of volcanic origin. Local people consider the place as sacred and believe the site as a result of King Siliwangi attempt to build a palace in one night. The asymmetric Punden Berundak is facing up to northwest, to Mount Gede, meaned constructed for the purpose of worship and built in a position that has been noticed geomantic and astromantic factors. Based on megalith shape the site is built in 1,500 years Before Christ.

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The villages closest to the site are Cimanggu, Ciwangun and Cipanggulakan. Two routes are possible to get there:

  • From Sukabumi to Cianjur: From Warungkondang to Cipadang, Cibokor, Lampegan Pal Dua, Ciwangin, Cimanggu.
  • From Cianjur to Sukabumi: From Sukaraja to Cireungas, Cibanteng, Rawabesar, Sukamukti and Cipanggulaan.
Gunung Padang Gate
2012 survey
A serious survey is conducted in 2012 gave us many new things:
  • The site is 6,500 years by carbon radiometric dating in 3 to 4 metres below the surface (12,500 years in 8 to 10 metres below the surface) and the artefacs at the surface is about 4,800 years
  • Based on geoelectric, georadar and geomagnet at least up to 15 metres from the surface there are construction with big chambers, while a small part of small chamber when is tested fill in with uniform sand.
  • Not as south side with 5 stone terraces, in east side has 100 stone terraces with width and height 2×2 metres, in west side there are also stone terraces but is still covered by soil and bush, in north side besides 1,5 metre-wide stair there also terraces
  • The site area is approximately 25 hectares (Borobudur Temple is only 1.5 hectares)
  • Wall side construction of terraces is similar with Machu Pichu in Peru
Gamelan Voice from stone –
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