Reservoir Jangari


Jangari a floating cages where freshwater pisciculture. Its location in the reservoir Jangari, Cianjur, West Java. Reservoir enlargement is indeed a place of freshwater fish. One of the belle of freshwater fish that are kept here is the carp. Farmed fish in this reservoir has its own advantages, besides the fast fish, flesh nor smelling mud.

Reservoir Jangari in Cianjur can be reached from Jakarta by road Jagorawi. After the door Toll Ciawi take direction to the summit. Then towards the town Cianjur. forwarded to Jangari Reservoir. Arriving at the reservoir, proceed by boat.

Transfortation Reservoir

The trip to the floating cages located in the middle of the reservoir was fun. Water reservoirs are quiet and beautiful scenery, made ​​the trip not be tiring. Arriving in the middle of the reservoir, the farmers’ view of the floating cages floating around everywhere.

Facilities available at Around Jangari attraction

     Eating: 7 pieces
     The cottage Holidays: 1 piece
     Fuel pump (pump): 1 piece
     Sights: 1 piece

Culinary, kotacianjur

Fishing at Jangari, ficklr


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