Beautifull Views : Gedeh Tea Plantation of Cianjur

Gedeh tea plantation of Cianjur

Gedeh tea plantation is one of the oldest tea plantation on the island of Java, but not so well known because they are too far from the highway and can only be seen by people who intend to get there. Tea plantations is more extensive and is higher than Mount Mas, with an area of ​​1000 hectares with an altitude of 900-1700 meters above sea level.

Tea cultivation began in the mid-1870s, and most of the land had been successfully planted before 1906. Modern tea factory which now operates from running in two stages in 1927 and 1929.

Plantation is part of the PTP Nusantara VIII since 1996.Teh premium of oil was exported under the brand Tanawatee”. You may enjoy this tea served with lemon at the Tea House near the factory gate post. From the Northern edge of the plantation seemed valley Batulempar Ci, which has 12 waterfalls, three of which have a height of over 35 meters. Of these plantations are unofficial path to the summit of Mount Gede, the relative path is steep and in some locations require a scrambling” with the help of a rope. Through this route the summit of Mount Gede can be reached within 3 hours.

Batlem Water Fall, reference :

How to get to the location:

From the highway CipanasCianjur, turn right 50 meters after Poultice Horse (S6.80082 E107.08433), there is a signpost “PT Nusantara VIII Plantation Tea Garden Gede / Tanawatee“. Uphill as far as 2 km in good asphalt road towards the village Cariu, turn right at the signpost PT Nusantara VIII Plantation Tea Garden Gede / Tanawatee(S6.80377 E107.06005), asphalt road uphill through tertiary. Turn sharp right at the front gates of Nusa Permai housing (S6.79847 E107.04364). Approximately 1.9 km from there Cariu tin shacks on the right path, from here turn left off the highway pavement onto the road in the middle of tea gardens stone. Go straight to the gate to see the tea gardens (S6.79851 E107.04196). The total mileage of highwayCianjur Cipanas is 7.2 Km.


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